Tips for Making a Delicious Vegan Cake

If you're looking to make a delicious vegan cake, there are some special tips that can help you achieve the perfect result. To start, it's important to understand the different types of sugars available and how to use them. Granulated organic sugars have larger crystals than refined white sugar, so it's best to grind or powder them before use. This will give your baked dessert the best crumbs.

Whole cane sugars, such as Sucanat and Rapadura, retain all the molasses and have a light brown color and caramel flavor. Pulverize four cups of this very coarse-grained sugar at once in a high-speed blender and one cup in a standard blender. Once prepared, store the sugar in an airtight container to keep it clump-free. Coconut and maple palm sugar should also be powdered and stored in airtight containers.

Date sugar should be reserved for sprinkling on pre-baked cakes and chips as it burns easily and doesn't dissolve. In addition to understanding the different types of sugars, it's also important to understand the whys of vegan baking. Recipe creator Sara Kidd has some simple tips that can help you prepare delicious treats using only plant-based ingredients. When baking without milk, choose the right dairy-free milk that works in your vegan recipe. It can be difficult to take a recipe with dairy products and veganize it, so it's important to use vegan butter and include vegetable fat or vegetable shortening in the recipe to get the right texture since non-dairy margarine has a more fragile structure.

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