The Best Vegan Cinnamon Cake Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious vegan cake recipe that doesn't require any unusual ingredients? Look no further! This simple vegan cake is an excellent recipe to have on hand any time you need to make a chocolate cake. I stumbled upon this recipe when I was trying to find recipes for egg-free pastries, since I ran out of them and I didn't want to go to the store just to buy eggs during the COVID lockdown. Unlike many other vegan cake recipes, this one doesn't require a single ingredient that isn't found in traditional chocolate cakes, such as flax or chia eggs, avocado, or black beans. I changed the flavor of the cake to cinnamon because it didn't have cocoa powder, and I had my mother try it because it's so honest (I wrote a note next to the cake that said “please eat me” or “eat me, please”, in the style of Alice in Wonderland) and then she ate a bite of the cake and said it was so good that she wanted to have it with her coffee the next morning.

I made the recipe for my father's birthday tomorrow, but I made it twice and I'm going to put the two cakes on top of each other. To make this vegan cinnamon cake, you'll need an 8-inch bowl to bake it. Make sure you put all the dough in or a very thin cake will come out despite having followed the recipe thoroughly. When you're ready to freeze, walk along the sides of the cake pans with a knife and then invert the chocolate cake on two plates.

Rub with the vegan cream cheese frosting recipe from my Easy Cinnamon Rolls post and whisk half a cup of peanut butter with the frosting. I used Katie's vegan peanut butter chocolate frosting recipe, which worked amazingly well in combination with this cake. You could try leaving it in the cake cycle to see if it's completely unattended, you could even leave it all night and have cake for breakfast ????. This vegan cinnamon cake is sure to be a hit with everyone who tries it!.

Luther Pou
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