What is the Difference Between a Vegan Cake and a Regular Cake?

A healthy vegan cake is one that is packed with nutritious fruits. If you're looking to make your cake healthier, adding fruit is a great way to do so. Applesauce can also be used as an alternative to eggs and sugar. We topped off an egg-free and dairy-free cake with vegan vanilla frosting and dairy-free Belgian chocolate, and then added mini donuts, cones, cupcakes and vegan sprinkles for a total showstopper.

When you make a vegan cake yourself, you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what ingredients you're using, which helps reduce any unhealthy or unpleasant ingredients. In the photo, I used my chocolate icing with cream cheese on top; in the video, you can see my vegan cake recipe in layers. Although vegan cakes may be better for the environment than non-vegan cakes, they should not be eaten on a regular basis because they are not a healthy food and should not be consumed more than once a week. Like any other cake, a vegan cake is still a treat to be enjoyed in moderation.

Some people may prefer the vegan cake because it's made without animal products, while others may find it to be less tasty or moist than the traditional cake. Vegans can still enjoy cakes if they are made according to the most important principle of veganism, which is to follow a plant-based diet and avoid all animal products that are used in regular cakes, such as dairy and eggs. I've made vegan cakes before, but I've never had one as light and spongy as a good wine cake, fat-free whipped cake or Italian lemon and olive oil cake. For example, a vegan cake made with whole wheat flour, healthy oils, and natural sweeteners would be healthier than a vegan cake made with white flour, processed oils, and sugar.

While one serving of vegan cake is healthier than two slices of plain cake, it's still healthier than a slice of almond cake. The key to making a good vegan cake is to use quality ingredients and be careful not to overcook it. Whether vegan cakes are healthy or not depends on some factors, such as the ingredients used and the way it is prepared. Although vegan cakes are just as sweet as any other cake, if you want to include sugar in your baking, you can opt for healthier sugar alternatives such as agave nectar.

Other vegan alternatives that you can include in your cake are date puree, coconut sugar and maple syrup.

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